Inner light is a collaborative clothing project initiated in 2018 By Eliott Villars Gaia Vincensini, Kim Coussée then joined in 2020 by Sherian Mohammed Forster.

Inner light is born out of a desire for independence, self-financing and autonomy. We believe in the possibility of making a living from our respective know-how and their dissemination, as well as in the optimization of interstices.

Created in 2018 and active between Paris, Geneva and Lausanne, Inner Light is a collective of artists working around printing and clothing. For this proposal, ielles emancipate themselves from the scope to develop and structure their reflections in tables, highlighting and visually conceptualizing their creative processes. For its members, Inner Light has a school function, where alternatives to production and materials are sought. 

By developing a practice between sculpture and clothing, Inner Light wishes to operate in a coalition, horizontal, peer-to-peer · x · e · s-au-peer · x · e · s, in a context where solidarity exists by necessity. Inner Light starts thinking about crafts as well as on the idea of luxury and ambivalences; the collective seeks to position itself radically in the fashion industry, by refusing the contradictions of major groups, such as industrial production "green," the individualization of single pieces, and logomania, between ostentatious will and counterfeiting. Serial embossing is relevant, in a collective workshop, where exploration, integration and sharing of their respective universes is at the centre of their eight-hand production.

Eliott Villars (* 1995 in Geneva) lives and works between Geneva and Paris. He graduated in 2019 from the ÉCAL. He's been working in the Inner Light collective since 2018.

Kim Coussée
(* 1994 in Brussels) is an independent graphic designer. She lives and works between Lausanne and Paris. She's been working in the Inner Light collective since 2018. 

Sherian Mohammed Forster (* 1993 in Geneva) graduated from the Ecal in 2019. He participates in an exchange program at the Ale School of Fine Arts, Addis Ababa in 2018. He's been working in the Inner Light collective since 2019.

Gaia Vincensini
(* 1992 in Geneva) lives and works between Geneva and Paris. Active in the Inner Light collective since 2018, she has won the Manor Prize and currently resides at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. "

credits: photo Jules Moskovtchenko, Styling Damese Savidan